(Sweeney - Holder)


I get in my car and drive that quarter mile

When I choose my groceries, you greet me with a smile

I say hello to you and put the money in your hand

you talk about the times of day, you think you’re such a handsome man



Was it you, was it you . she would have been 22

Was it you, was it you , she would have been twenty two



I see you at the weekend on a sunday morn

You always have that wave for me as you cut your lawn

I see you at the church, you address the people there

Talking about jesus and the redeeming power of prayer




two hunters came across her just when the evening shadows fall

they thought she was a mannequin lay down bside the wall

they went and called the police, to investigate the crime

they couldn’t recognize her she’d been there a long long time




Was it some one else ,……….. or was it…………. both of you


You know it oh so well

I know you'll never tell

But I'll see you burn in Hell

Because it was you





An unpleasant valley Sunday,

from a story by Daniel Woodrell.


A Prayer for Hope and Happy Times

(Sweeney - Holder)


We walk the streets, in rotten shoes,

Through a haze , of iceberg blues

We walk through lives, that look real fine,

But that life's not yours, and it's not mine


And we age, at the speed of light,

we don’t sleep well , through endless nights

We have our friends, we have our times

But those friends aren’t yours, and those times aren’t mine.


I think about, another day, when good luck, will come our way

But today, its just another time, when luck's not yours, and its not mine


One day I hope, if I should dare, to find a god. who’ll take a prayer

A prayer for hope, and happy times

But that god’s not yours,and its not mine

But I still hope for better times.

Goodbye My Friend

(Sweeney - Holder)


'i'm going home, i'm going home, i'm going home

I'll meet you on that other shore'



When the heat has faded from my hands

Beneath the cold and silent clay

Think of me in the morning peace

Or through a troubled night and day


When I have left my final bed

And end my pilgrims quest

I will be close by at your shoulder

And remain with you as a welcome guest


You will hear me through the redwoods

Hear my whisper through the pines

I will not be far away

A name to call in troubled times

I hope I go into that house, justified


When the time has come for me to cross

Those ancient waters wide

To find my final resting place

Where my soul will reside


When this earthly pain has ended

And I need this life no more

I will live in your memories

When I've reached that distant shore

The Honourable Men and the Angel

(Sweeney - Holder)


A young girl loved a fine young man , her family had said no.

And we will do you harm, for your loving him dishonours our family so

They followed her to a lonely wood a place not far from here

Just as they went to do her in, an angel did appear



The angel said who will kill this girl,, her family all said I

Then look upon my golden book, and see where your future lies

You said that you must kill this girl , to walk with your head high

Your head will be high at the end of a rope then buried in quicklime


When the angel flew away, from that lonely wood

They all took an axe and killed the girl , honour is not always good

The future that the angel saw, came true as the angel said

The girl still lies in the lonely wood with all her family dead.


The girl still lies in the lonely wood and flowers grow from her head.


Black Dog Following Me



There's a black dog, following me

He's there in the distance, but his features i can see

He'll soon be, at my shoulder

Coming down throughout the years, as life gets colder


Darkness grows. and a cold wind blows

Through the people in this town

Where the age of Aquarius, met it's klling ground

But i wont let my house fall down

There's a black dog, waiting at my gate

The streets get uneven , when the whisky's straight

Straight ahead now, straght to nowhere

Where i don't know bho i am , and probably don't care


Darkness grows. and a cold wind blows

Through the people in this town

Where the age of Aquarius, met it's klling ground

But i wont let my house fall down


There a black dog , walking in my head

Darkness grows. and a cold wind blows

Through the people in this town

Through streets of regret, and fields of dread

Where the age of Aquarius, met it's klling ground

But i wont let my house fall down





The Magic City Trio

The Old Weird America in The Current Weird England

Here are the words to our songs, for you all to sing along. There is also background information on some of their origins. The new stuff is at the end of the page.

A Funnel Cloud in Albuquerque

(Sweeney - Holder)


The day began like any other, They had said their prayers for rain

No rain had come in 40 days. They thought they prayed in vain

It was later in the evening, we were choosing red or green?

And the first drops hit the ground outside the rattlesnake mvsevm


A funnel cloud in Albuquerque, with a white hot lightning spark

The golden number five on red would be our Noah's ark


An ocean fell upon the old town, with the water getting high

The fish swam down San Felipe Street and the roadrunner had to fly

Was it the tears of the virgin in the tree, the way she showed her pain

But all the saints in Santisima, they could not stop that rain


A funnel cloud in Albuquerque, With a white hot lightning spark

The golden number five on red would be our Noah's ark


We thought what kind of saints these were, who could make a wind so ill

Then the power went down from the saucer house to the quesadilla grille

The people were getting restless, there was no plan in mind

So we went with Susie to the basement, and left our cars behind


A funnel cloud in Albuquerque, With a white hot lightning spark

The golden number five on red would be our Noah's ark


A funnel cloud in Albuquerque, we're not finished yet

So careful what you pray for, for it might be what you get


Outside the High Noon Tavern, San Felipe Street

Outside The High Noon Tavers, San Felipe Street.ABQ on the evening the funnel cloud hit.

The Dealer and his Wife

(Sweeney - Holder)


A dealer and his wife were enjoying their life

In the last days of May

Tired of getting people higher, They wanted to retire

And do one last deal that day


They put all their money in a brown paper sack

Then to a house of low degree

They met two strangers there but they didn’t think to care

When one stranger said follow me


They took the dealer and his wife to a lonely place

Where they worried about their fate

Then one stranger drew a gun and the other drew a knife

And ended their earthly state


The strangers took a shovel and they dug a hole

As the sun was going down

They took what remained of the dealer and his wife

And buried them in the ground


This is the story of the dealer and his wife

Who now sleep in the dirt

That’s how thing went and that’s how they spent

Their final day on earth

Oliver Curtis Perry Parts 1 and 2

(Sweeney - Holder)



Oliver Curtis Perry was an outlaw to himself

He went to rob a train one night , with nobody’s help

He put on a scarlet hood and wore an iron vest

He carried a pistol and an Indian charm to aid him in his quest



He saw, he saw the light come shining

Shining all around,

He saw, he saw the light come shining

When that train came round


He leapt upon the mail train as it left the yard

He broke in through the boxcar door and stood before the guard

He said 'open up the safe so the gold reflects upon my face'

He left the boxcar with the gold , disappeared without a trace


Curtis Perry left the train that night, the guard then told his tale

Since no one can rob a train alone, they put the guard in jail

Only two months later Curtis tried it once again

He didn’t take the gold this time , he only stole the train


The Pinkertons and Railroad men finally tracked him down

They put him in the prison close at Dannemora Town

He could not escape that jail despite his many tries

Protesting his conditions there he drove nails into his eyes.


He remained in prison, he never was released

Till all the men who put him there, were forgotten or deceased

The treated him so badly, they were so unkind

They only broke his body , but not his spirit nor his mind

This song is a true story that happened to us on 26th July 2013. - with a little bit of artistic license.


In the morning at breakfast,the owner of the B&B told us he was hoping for some rain , as it had not rained in ages.


In the evening we were going out to eat at the Quesadilla Grille (A great eatery) in Albuquerque Old Town. We sat outside having a few drinks and there were few spots of rain


We didnt care that much as it was a warm evening. It then got cold and windy and the rain got steadily worse. By then we had decided to eat inside.


Then the wind began uprooting tables and chairs and the rain was coming down in buckets.


Then the power went out and we carried on eating by candlelight, and the owners gave us a really memorable meal.


On the radio, we heard that a funnel cloud was coming , a funnel cloud is a twister that does not touch the ground, but reaches really high speeds.


The authorities were telling people to go into their basements.


When things quitened down, we made a dash for the B&B, i said to the owner, "well, you got your rain". The next day there were many trees uprooted, and we caught our plane to Memphis.


All the places mentioned in this song exist (including the virgin in the tree).


The roadrunner is the state bird of New Mexico. it can fly, but chooses not to. most of the time.


Santisima is a great art shop and gallery upstairs from the Quesadilla Grille hosted by the great and talented Johnny Salas, his dia dos muertos themed artwork is as beautiful as it is spooky.



This has a few sources, a present day news story about a pensioner couple , who died in a crack deal that went wrong.


The murder ballad The Peddlar and his Wife , about a late 19th Century murder in Harlan, KY. Hayes Shepperd did a great version of this song.


Incidentally Jewish peddlars were very popular as traders in the old west , as they allowed the poor and ethnic minorities to try on clothes before they bought them.


A debt is owed to The Blue Oyster Cult song ' Then Came The Last days of May', which has a similar plot.

Oliver Curtis Perry (1865-1930). is remembered as the first person to rob a train solo. There had been many train robberies before Perry's, but they had always been done by teams or gangs. He pulled off the robbery in 1891 in New York. He got on the train in Utica, New York. He positioned himself behind the express car, and after the train left the station, he bored holes into the door of the train car, to get it open. Upon entering the car, he got the drop on the express guard, Burt Moore, and stole $5,000 in loot. This would be over $100,000 in today' dollars. As the train slowed as it approached the Utica station, Perry jumped off and made off with the money. The authorities, could not believe that a someone could rob a train singlehamdedly , so they put Moore in jail.


2 months later Perry tried the same trick again but things did not go to plan. He escaped by steling a train, but after a spectacular locomotive chase, he was captured.


He was initially sentenced to 20 years, but his escape attempts led to an indefinie sentence. In a last desperate attempt to get release , he blinded himself using a weighted contraption with nails. He was not released and died in prison im 1930.


I first read about Oliver Curtis Perry whe i was 12 years old, there was half a page in James D. Horan's book about the Wild West.

At around the same age Tamsin Spargo read the same book, and was equally intrigued. She wrote 'Wanted Man' which told Perry's story.


His story was interesting enough to warrant an outlaw ballad, the chorus is adapted from Ezeikel in theValley of Dry Bones. The film rights have been bought, lets hope they need a title song.


The book is still in print you can get it from Amazon, or any reputable bookseller.

Cousins War

(Holder - Sweeney)



A summers day , a yellow dress , she put violets in her hair

She was to wed her own true love, a love she would never share

Her brother took a hunting knife, he hurt her love full sore

Her love is dead and her brothers hand, led a family into war


So dig a hole in the meadow, dig a hole in the cold cold ground

Dig a hole dig a hole in the meadow, to lay her true love down


The harvest moon did wax and wane, she saw her love was dead

She threw that wedding ring away , and the gold turned into lead

Her tears flowed as the river wild , her cries as loud as a storm

Her child will be born in the spring to come, and her love for ever mourn


So dig a hole in the meadow, dig a hole in the cold cold ground

Dig a hole dig a hole in the meadow, to lay her true love


The war went on for many years, and many more young men die

The houses fell on burning hills, with pale horses riding by

Through the fields of iron and blood, Sowing seeds of death and pain,

Reaping the sons of the hydras teeth, fodder from the devils grain


So dig a hole in the meadow, dig a hole in the cold cold ground

Dig a hole dig a hole in the meadow, to lay all those young men down



(Sweeney - Holder- McTell)


Delia was an ambling girl, she ambled all around

She always was good to her friends when she laid her money down

Now all the friends I ever had are gone


Another girl called Molly she thought she was so cool

She always wore the latest cloths and carried a knife to school

All the friends I ever had are gone.


Delia in the playground, trying to stop a fight

She didn’t see that Molly coming at her with a knife

All the friends I ever had are gone.


Delia’s poor mother on a shopping trip up west

By the time she heard the news Delia was the angel’s guest

All the friends I ever had are gone.


Delia’s mother wept, Delia’s father moaned

It wouldn’t have been so bad if a poor girl died at home

All the friends I ever had are gone.


They put Delia in a long black car, the family dressed in black

They took her to the cemetery and failed to bring her back

All the friends I ever had are gone.


Molly’s in prison, and Delia’s lost her life

All because of looking cool with a two pound kitchen knife

All the friends I ever had are gone.


Delia oh Delia how can it be ?

You loved all of your other friends but you did not love me

All the friends I ever had are gone.


Molly’s in prison, as she turns out her light

She thinks of Delia in the graveyard, six feet out of sight

All the friends I ever had are gone.


Delia oh Delia how could it come to be ?

I took away all you ever were and all you’re ever gonna be

All the friends I ever had are gone.


This is our take on a famous murder ballad which tells the story of the Christmas Eve,1900 shooting of 14 year old Delia Green, by her boyfriend, Mose Houston, aged 15.


Many versions of the song exist, 'Delia's Gone' is written from the point of view of the murderer.


Our treatment was brought up to date by the growing tide of teenage knife murders.


Blind Willie McTell (who also did a famous version) put me on the track , by saying that his songs began with finding an existing tune and writing a new set of words.


Charlie Poole's 'White House Blues', about the murder of President McKinley contains similar phrases in the McTell version, i dont know which song came first.


Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash have also done versions of the song.


This was originlly called 'Underclass'', and written from the point of view of people who live on the outside of society.



Phil Wilson came up with the title which gives the song a bit more optimism.



It also contains a middle 8 which is a bit of a rarity in our songs.



Unwelcome Guest


She loved you from town to town,

where you sold The King of Pain

You travelled up and down the empty roads ,

through the sunshine and the rain

And through all the times you had ,

she never would have guessed

That you took her love to be

an unwelcome guest


You left her one bright morning

with no words of farewell

You left her to the mysteries

to which her fate befell

Although now that you have gone away,

her heart you still posses

though you took her love to be,

an unwelcome guest


Its been seven years or more,

since you left her loving arms

she followed you through the factories,

the orchards and the farms

Searching through those lonely times,

her heart a wilderness

Because you took her love to be

an unwelcome guest


She saw you on a street one day,

with your family in Sunlight

She looked you in the eye

and made you wither in her sight

she will multiply your sorrows

and add to your regrets

For taking her love to be an unwelcome guestt


Dust of Mars


I knew a duster was coming

Bigger than the one before

So we all went to the basement

and got behind our cellar door


When I woke up my land had gone

'It has not', I heard someone say

It floats above an office desk

Five hundred miles away


With no trees to give us shelter

from a sky that gives no rain

One day I know well return to dust

But in this dust I will not remain


As I walk through this hollow land

And talk through fever dreams

Where good times just come back to you

With no mercy, it would seem


I've had enough l ll pack up my stuff

And take all that I hold dear

I'll follow the factory money

To get me out of here


And if I pass you by my friend

As I go on my way

I'll give back what I have took from you

Any kindness I will repay


I continued to the outhouse

Sometime between three or four

And I saw another duster coming

Bigger than the one before


He was the last American hobo

At the end of his line

Riding rusted rails

As he left our world behind


There is s way for everyone

For the passage of the soul

When asked what that meant

He said only

you will know



He went through towns and country fairs

but avoid them if he could

With people ready to do him evil

In the name of doing good


But he asked god to protect him

In the places where he walked

But god never says a word

Only the people talk



The ocean is m’ mother ‘n the freight train is m’ paw

The rails I ride ‘r rustin’, The new sunrise m’ trustin’


He came in on a clipper ship

To San Francisco bay

To find a promised land

And help pilgrims on the way

He followed ancient trails

Working rusted rails

Men sold and iron bound

but no pilgrims were found




He went travelling on

a map was tattooed on his hand

showing him the promised land

showing him the promised land


He came across a shallow grave

Found two he couldn’t save

A dealer and his wife

Brought down by gun and knife

He tried to understand

how fate had played this hand

How darkness walked the land

through the hearts of many a man




He saw a man who had no eyes

But still could see the light

Dressed in stripes and chains

Curtis perry was his name

Some say he robbed a train

Pursued by men and hounds

Through shadows of the sounds

Of Monster Midway Towns

Dark was the night

And cold was the ground


He found the promised land

A nation under siege

Eaten up by dust and greed

Full of things they didn’t need

He’ll go on his way

And bid thee fair thee well

To find your promised land

In someone else’s Hell


Sun Comes Shining Through



If your dreams have disappeared

or slipped away, like grains of sand

And you might think it's too late to start anew

When the devil has gone and left you

with only bad times on your hands

Just wait until the sun comes shining through.


You have had your share of storms

that could take way a guernsey cow

You might laugh tomorrow,

if you can't think about it now

These bad times are only fleeting

and will soon go right by you

And then you'll see the sun come shining through


When you carry the weight of worry,

and your heart feels so contrite

Something will come along for you

to make that darkness light


We've all had enough of bad times, and good times are overdue

But we will see the sun come shining though

Yes we will see the sun come shining though.



Get it Back Some Day




When we started out I know it wasn't plain to see

The future that turned out for us

We could not foresee

We've had all our time to love

and now it's time to pay


I know that we have lost it all

I hope we'll get it back some day



I think of all the times we had

Its now all lost for me

And time would turn our happiness

Into abject misery

The life that we once shared ,

our thoughtless hands have swept away


I know that we've lost all

But we'll get it back some day



For six long years we've been in trouble

We've seen our love just fadeaway

Could we learn to find another

Or live in hope we'll find our way



When we played the game of love

I thought we would always win

But Our love is now a busted flush

And we bet all in

I thought luck was on our side

But we've gambled itall away

And I know that we've lost it all

But we'll get it back some day