The Magic City Trio

The Old Weird America in The Current Weird England

This is the website equivalent of the Sistine Chapel , an absolutely HUGE site explorng the Harry Smith collection. The articles on the earlier tracks , had up to 20 dowbloadable alternate versions. The guy who runs it is also a great musician. Go here an just keep digging

If you liked this site, here are some other sites and music, which are well worth finding out.

Frank is a huge fan of Hawaiian music from the golden age. This site tells you what to look for if you want to investigate this great music. If you then come across a 78 rpm copy of 'Honolulu Bound' by King Benny Nawahi, then tell Frank and he will reward you handsomely.

The Bara Bara Band are a London-based folk quartet playing a blend of their own banjo driven pssyche folk plus traditional songs you may not have heard before The four piece band features Ruth Jacob and Rupert Brown who also host the Tooting Folk club. Go to their site , you can pick up their latest LP

We have also made no secret of our admiration of the maverick genius of Lee's genre-defying music, his mid sixties output has been described as psychedelic cowboy music. His stuff was too offbeat for Nashville , and he did eventually lose out to Phil Spector in LA, which pushed him further to the outer edges, but he rose to this challenge and made even greater music.

You may not recognise his name , but you will be faliar with some of his work.


An influence on Frida Kahlo, you see him in some of her paintings. This great Mexican printmaker's work helped bring dia dos muertos to the masses.

If you think Robert Johnson 78s are not rare enough, then you might want to start looking for anything on the shortlived Black Patti label. The records were pressed in very small batches. There was a near hit with a great version of Stack-o Lee. Yazoo records took the label design. The label was named after Sissieretta Jones, who was nicknamed The Black Patti after famous Opera star Adelina Patti, but a pun was made on this as a flat disc is referred to as a patty, so a shellac 78 would be a 'black patty' Joe Bussard found the mother lode of BP78s in the late 1960s where he found 20 or so under a bed.

I'm sure a record label owned by a millionaire rock star does not need my free advertising, but Third Man Records have done some great releases in recent years. The two paramount box sets were true works of art. And they have revitalised the Document Records blues catalogue, The site is also very entertaining.

A site for the discerning collector of oddities, Beautifully laid out site that recalls the days of PT Barnum's American Museum.


The wall of shame is funny, where Madame Talbot displays sites that have stolen or plagiarised. So i'm taking a chance putting this picture here maybe.

Surreal paintings that feature (amongst other things) abraham lincoln, jesus,blood, and objects that would not be out of place in a hieronymous bosch painting all these situations, are witnessed by strange alien children who resemble betty boop. -sounds weird? - it is. Also check out the work of his partner, Marion Peck who has a similar strange and beautiful aesthetic. He also diid an LP consisting of 12 different versions of Daisy Daiys

Old time music site for Tiki Parlour Recordings Label.


Releases have a really nice look, The site has details about their artists , and free lessons from some top players.